SOFIC Yacht Charters

Keeping our seas safe would not be possible without the work of our Special Operations Forces! 
Get the word out about how your business is supporting these industry leaders by reserving one of our yachts for the next SOFIC event at the Tampa Convention Center.

Dates: May 16 - 18, 2017

Each year, this network of military professionals gather at SOFIC to discuss ways to support our forces as they address present and future threats to land, air, and sea across the globe. Increase your business presence in the defense marketplace through private consultations or special demonstrations on our yachts. There is no longer a need to book a meeting room ahead of time as this exclusive opportunity allows you to host clients during the event and after-hours, or even take a focus group out for some time on the water!

Our yachts come staffed with a captain and female first mate who can double as a server, bartender, or hostess! FYC has also managed to become a leader in providing vendors with effective pricing as compared to traditional rates for booth rentals and exhibit space.

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for the next SOFIC event!

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