Corporate Event Yacht Charters

Corporate events are not just tax deductible, but they provide more bang for the buck than meetings held in hotel conference rooms. Not every corporation can afford a corporate yacht, but every company can afford to charter a yacht for special occasions.

Our 72 Foot Princess MY is an ideal venue for a corporate meeting. Our salon has seating arrangements for a dozen people and a 40'' wide screen monitor is available to show slide presentations. For bigger events, look at the 97' Marlow or the 120' ISA.

Floating Conference Rooms

If you are looking for a luxury conference room, look no further. Have your meeting in the Salon, take lunch or dinner breaks on the fly bridge, and enjoy a sunset cruise to talk business or reward someone who deserves a special treat for high performance. This is a corporate yacht charter that every team member or client will remember. If you are planning a Christmas party, this is the corporate venue you have been looking for.

Team Building

Team Building often requires time alone, away from the constant chatter of modern communications. Productivity in hotels and conference rooms is often hampered by interruptions that cannot be avoided. If creativity and innovation are what your team needs to solve problems and increase performance, we can create an atmosphere and a location that will take them away from cell phones and Internet connections like in the old days. We have special programs for team building events that take place on deserted islands... think of the TV series "Survivor" and you get the idea.

Utilize the luxury accommodations of FYC Yachts that will create a corporate meeting venue that no one will forget.

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