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+1 (727) 265-3172


Charter Yachts Located throughout Florida
St. Petersburg - Tampa - Miami - Boca Grande - Ft. Myers - Sarasota
Palmetto - Clearwater - Ft. Lauderdale - Naples

FYC Luxury Yachts for Charter

FYC Yachts manages yachts for a variety of owners. We manage yachts that range in size from 44 to 180 feet (14 to 55 metres) and that operate in Florida, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. These yachts are all privately owned. They are not yachts that have been chartered into disrepair. All are updated and in Bristol condition. Our charter fees contribute only a small percentage to the yachts' maintenance and upkeep. If you were to personally own any of the yachts we manage, your weekly cruising expense would be substantially more than what we charge you as a charter guest.